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Is Live Music Or A DJ Right For My Wedding?

If you're trying to decide whether you should have live music of a DJ for your ceremony, this article is for you!

As musicians who play live music, we may be a little biased, but give us a minute to hear us out!

Although with a DJ playing your recorded ceremony music, you may be getting a lower quote and the exact versions of your favourite songs as expected. With live music, however, your getting an experience that may be difficult to imagine until it's real. Even so, here are three things you can expect from your live music experience and the three reasons why we (personally) feel live music is an indispensable part of your wedding ceremony!

Reason 1. Adaptability

The moments in your ceremony are really special, and the last thing you probably want is for the entire feel being clunky because of less-than-smooth transitions in recordings. Musicians who have experience can read each moment to adjust to your timing and the transition in real time without missing a beat!

Reason 2. Atmosphere

Your wedding doesn’t happen everyday, and neither does live music. Live music is always one-of-a-kind and immediately communicates the classiness of an event and the specialness of the occasion. There's no sound system that can recreate the sound or feel of live music, an certainly not the aesthetics!

Reason 3. Reliability

No-one likes awkward silence, especially during a ceremony! Creating the atmosphere for your day with sound that doesn’t rely on a power outlet definitely gives yourself that extra little peace of mind.

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Choosing between live music and a DJ for your wedding ceremony depends on various factors and personal preferences. You can choose popular hits on Spotify that are promoted through spotify promotion - You may even consider combining both live music and a DJ for different parts of your wedding to create a diverse and memorable experience.

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