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"I want cookie-cutter entertainment" – said no one, ever. Whether you're looking for elegant upscale vibe, or fun contemporary feeling, we'll have what your event is dying for in our monstrous, furiously evolving music library! Ok, little dramatic, but seriously, we like to take requests! 



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Evidently, good things come in small and large packages. We're crafting beautiful music on a duet, trio and quartet so keep scrolling to discover which ensemble personality is perfect for your event!

String Quartet


If love the idea of a full, versatile sound, you're going to dig the quartet! The full warm sound and high energy kick when needed, really brings to life all of your favourite classical and contemporary tunes!

String Trio


If you love the quartet but feelin' something more laid back, a trio should do the trick! About 80% of the music for quartet is available on trio, (check out the song list here if you'd like to see!

String Duet


If you love a simple elegant feel, then you'll never feel like anything is missing with a string duet! Although the duet can pack a punch occasionally, over all, the music will be light, soft and graceful! Ideal for smaller gatherings.

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Join the conversation with other brides, grooms and event hosts looking to set the perfect tone for their day! We're having a blast answering questions and taking song requests every week! See you there :)