Our Story

Music has the unique ability to bring people together and communicate so much that words cannot.

This is how we began, a group of friends, brought together by our love of music. 


Undoubtedly - ​music has been the force that has kept us so close over 8 years!

Our Vision

Our Mission

Each event is crafted with care, and because of this, there is a limited number of weddings we take on per year to ensure an incredible and unique experience for clients.


We want to be a point of contact to help people engage with live music, not only on the day of their event, but also throughout the journey and beyond.

We create for you!


Grace Notes Team

This is why here at Grace Notes, we have a vision to bring people together through live music. We do this, by making string quartet music relevant and exciting to all music-lovers.


By seamlessly blending old and new favourite, we create on-of-a-kind events for all of our clients with the music they know and love, in the warm, vibrant sound of live strings, whether that be a duet, trio, or full quartet.

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