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String Quartet vs. Trio vs. Duet:: How To Know Which One Is Right For YOUR Event In Under 5 Minutes

If you know you want beautiful and elegant string music for your wedding, but don't know if you should go for the full string quartet, or perhaps go for a string trio or violin cello duet instead, this article is for you!

This is probably one of the most common question we get at Grace Notes, yet it's still one of the most tricky to answer! Reason being, there is no "right answer". Instead, there are just a lot of factors to consider to find out what will be uniquely right for each wedding or event. So what we're going to here, is demonstrate the difference in the sound of each ensemble with none other than Pachelbel's Canon in D! Then, we'll dive into the the strengths of each ensemble and the types of music and events they are best suited for. Here we go!

String Quartet

When you're booking a quartet, you're getting not only a full sound, but a full selection of music. That because a full quartet is not only the most traditional of choices with a wide array of classical music to choose from, but it also simultaneously the most modern as it has the largest selection of modern music as well!

If you're looking for a full warm sound as you walk down the aisle and love the idea of a high energy vibe for your cocktail hour, a string quartet may be your pick! If your event will be really small and you're worried that a quartet might be "too much" don't be! We've done dinner parties for 5 and although the quartet was more "present" than in larger contexts, it still left plenty of room for conversation of guests.

Especially if you love to listen to groups like Vitamin String Quartet or are a fan of Bridgeton on Netflix we'd say that you'll definitely be happy that you went for the full quartet for your booking.

String Trio

If you love the vibe of a string quartet, but you're looking for a more budget friendly alternative, than a string trio may be your pick. Especially if you have a smaller event or are only having live ceremony music, a trio should have plenty of volume for your needs.

Our string trio plays about 75% of the same music as the string trio but some of the more "up beat" music does not transfer to the trio as well. Although you'll be missing some of the fullness and energy of the string quartet, you won't be missing out on any elegance! We say if you're on the fence between ensembles, go for the trio ;)

Ah the violin cello duet! Simple, elegant and classic. Over all, you are going to get a completely different vibe with the duet compared to the quartet and trio. But if you love the idea of keeping things simple and are just looking for a touch of classy to add to your wedding vibe, the violin cello duet will be perfect for you! Although you won't be hearing many high-energy, popular selections, if you love classical music and soft contemporary, a duet may be right for you!


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